Hi.  And, welcome!  In brief, I am Georgie.  Wife, Mum, Nutritionist, creator of G. LUXE (a luxe, healthy, delicious muesli and snack bar brand).  I am new to blogging... in fact, this is my first.  And although not entirely sure where to start (I've got a list as long as my arm with ideas and hot topics; health advice, health during pregnancy (and post) and being a new Mum in general, tips and truths about feeding children well and why this is so important *artificial foods are not an option and I'll tell you why*, my passion to rewire our thinking on healthy food (it IS simple and it IS delicious), recipes (day breaker variety), adventures and why our souls need them, weight loss (energy in v's energy out explained), interviews with health gurus and all round inspiring leaders, the chic places to eat in town (especially where to find g. luxe on the menu) etc etc etc.  

To begin, I said to myself, just keep it simple.  What's my one, most important, elementary level, easy-to-do piece of health advice to kick things off...


Fresh means 'alive'.  I love this concept.  

Fast forward to breakfast tomorrow morning.  Please tell me, what nutritional benefit will you receive from a piece of toast with vegemite on it?

Ok.  Now how about a piece of toast with avocado on it?

Muesli with milk v's muesli with yoghurt and kiwi fruit.  Berries.  A peach.  Banana.  (Any. piece. of. fresh. fruit).

Pasta with bottled tomato sauce v's pasta with roasted veges and freshly made basil pesto.

You get the gist.

The addition of something fresh at each meal will increase your vitamin and mineral intake, your fibre, protein, healthy fats and even water intake too (yes fresh fruit and vegetables are made up of a large portion of water).  Fresh foods also hold many enzymes which help with digestion and nutrient absorption (enzymes have to be removed from fresh food for it to have a shelf life).  Without getting complicated, fresh fruit from as close to the ground to your mouth is best (i.e as fresh as possible.  Think farmers market, your local fresh fruit and veg store.  Granny's garden).  Above mentioned vits and minerals are VITAL for your health and well being.  More on this another time...

I want to keep this short and sweet.  Fresh.  Is.  Best.

Night friends,